To The End (2014)

Seven young people in a temporary music band

Seven young people are put under the spotlight; they share their desires, disappointments and visions of the future. For this project, they temporarily come together as a music band. The individual voices write a collective story based on the shared memories and emotions. Unafraid of big emotions, vulnerability, poetry, tension, or physical challenges, the performers search for ties that hold them together. By surrendering themselves to one another, by challenging and supporting each other, they create a world of its own, a new kind of community

which maybe – just maybe – could be left as legacy to their children, and the children of their children. Each transformation they go through tests the relationships to their very limits. How far is an individual ready to go in order to stay faithful to the collective vision of future?

Directed by Sanja Mitrović, herself an alumni of De Theaterschool, this year’s graduates navigate the treacherous group dynamics out in the wilderness of unregulated images.

Cast And Credits

 Concept, choreography, direction: Sanja Mitrović. In collaboration with Carla Roisin Behal, Marijn Brussaard, David Zarate Calderon, Marieke Dermul, Nikki Hock, Anastasiia Liubchenko, Barnaby Savage. Text: a collective story. Light design and technique: Harm Lubbers. Photos by: Gijs Wilbers

Production: Martha van Meeghen. Produced by: De Mime Opleiding/Theaterschool (Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten). Thanks to: Stand Up Tall Productions