An infectious performance that never bores and flawlessly combines classical mythology and all-too-human contemporary stories

Demeter Calling (2021)

Concert performance with 4 women of different background

Demeter Calling is a concert performance in which an all-female cast from diverse backgrounds, including director Sanja Mitrović, channel voices of sisters dispersed across the gulfs of geography, ethnicity and culture. 

'One day they will listen to me, a woman.'

Stories of women from different parts of the world are poetically interpreted and translated into songs which question the notion of motherhood as the sole focus of female identity. In the liminal space between a world which has already ended and another yet to begin, they are an unlikely girl band celebrating female strength, resilience and determination to create space for oneself, even among harsh hardships, injustices and hostilities imposed by society. 
Inspired by a visit to Elefsina, the site of Eleusianian Mysteries through which the cult of Demeter and Persephone was celebrated in antiquity, Mitrović was moved to consider resonances of this ancient myth with the lives of women today. As if in a trance, Demeter Calling arrives in the form of a contemporary music ritual which continues to call for strength and wisdom in how to live one’s life to its full potential. 
New original music by Belgrade-based composer Marija Balubdžić takes as inspiration female chants and rhythms from various Balkan regions, forging them into slivers of glistening electronic avant-pop, broadcast from somewhere decidedly off the radar, otherworldly and resistant to categorisation.

Cast And Credits

Concept, Text & Direction: Sanja Mitrović. Performance: Sanja Mitrović, Ana Naqe, Kathy Sey, Magda Ral Featuring Istok Liefooghe Mitrović, Wolf Segelstein. Dramaturgy: Sara Vanderieck. Original Music: Marija Balubdžić. Musical Arrangements: Marija Balubdžić & Siniša Mitrović. Choreography: Sanja Mitrović & Audrey Apers. Costume Design: Ivana Kličković. Set & Lighting: Design Giacomo Gorini. Sound Design: Johannes Bellinck, Patrick Van Neck. Assistant Director: Siniša Mitrović Assistant Director (Internship): Audrey Apers. Dramaturgical Advice: Gerardo Salinas. Set Design Advice: Laurent Liefooghe. Research: Tunde Adefioye. Production Manager: Robin Hectors. Saxophones: Grégoire Tirtiaux

Production: Stand Up Tall Productions. Coproduction: Perpodium, Kvs Uitvoerend Producent. Executive Production: Caravan Production. Residency: Kvs Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg. With The Support Of The Flemish Authorities, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, De Taxshelter Maatregel Van De Belgische Federale Overheid In Samenwerking Met Casa Kafka Pictures

The Script Contains Quotes From Texts By Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa, Berta Cáceres And Phia Ménard.


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